Stay under the radar.

As a boy growing up in a broken household I tried to go un-noticed with as much as I could to avoid discipline. Growing up without a father and an only child left me to my own resources to learn anything and doing it all by myself. This process of experimenting with the world around me left me with a very unique talent of disassembling things to see how they worked and cleaning the mess so no one found out what I did. You would be surprised how long someone will go without an item when they aren’t looking for it and have no idea it no longer exists.

As I entered the work force I took my unique skill set and tried to apply them to something useful. At first I had a very hard time with this, and it took me about 14 years but I found a place where my skill set shined like a star. However the wages weren’t desirable and as I grow older I’ve learned that I needed to specialize in something. It seemed like an impossible task but after a little over 4 years of perfecting my skills I landed quite possibly my dream job.

You may be asking what constitutes to a dream job? Descent benefits? Flexible schedule? Working alone? The fact that no one I work with has any clue what I do and my boss is happy to see me when ever I decide to show up to the office? That pretty much sums it up. What do I do you are probably asking yourself? I have no idea, but I found a way to get paid to do it. The secrete is, it’s not what you do, but what you get paid to do.

You may be thinking to yourself, that’s a sad existence to have no purpose in life. but that’s where you are terribly mistaken. Take a minute and think about how many people go to work every day and put their 40 hours in doing what they have been told to do and not really having any idea why they are doing it other than to make a pay check every week. Think about the people who are craftsmen with a fine tuned skill and work good with their hands but no one appreciates their work because they have a different view on how things should be done.

After the dust settles and everyone goes home, who are we tipping our hats to? who’s names are left on the wall? Most of us don’t realize it but a huge part of us are just another gear just spinning round and round in a much larger machine. Some gears are larger than other but we are all doing something.

At the end of each day you have to justify your sanity and mental well being. If you cant sit down in your own home, kick off your shoes, and put a smile on your face. It may be time to go under the radar yourself.

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